(goodness, by all my flower/garden'y/botanical photos, 
you'd think I'm enamored with spring or something…)

7 links:
(because 3 seems like too little, 5 is too neat and 10 is too many)

1. So yeah, where does the 'bee' in 'spelling bee' come from?

2. J. Mendel spring 2015 bridal. #9. Like woa.

3. Color pigments + Renoir's true colors.

4. Since last week I shared the blog Local Milk, this week I'll share another blog that is filled to the brim with delicious recipes and delicious photos, Sunday Suppers.

5. As a gift to Nicholas (and who am I kidding, me!) I signed us up for this class (the one with Peter Miller!) at chef Matt Dillon's gorrrgeous new space, The London Plane. So. Excited.

6. She is just the right amount of boho to me.

7. I totally have a photograph I took at a wedding a few years back published in this book!

*above image captured while romping around at the homestead this past monday on my #lundiavecmamere.  can't wait for these lilly of the valley to bloom.  I definitely need to get some for my home garden.



"Nobody sees a flower really; it is so small.  We haven't time, and to see takes time - like to have a friend takes time."
Georgia O'Keeffe

*above image taken in the brooklyn botanical gardens almost one year ago, may 2nd (or was it the 3rd?) when we spent a month living in new york city.



Hello to the world on this surprisingly sunny seattle  monday.  I  hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

A few moments ago I shared via my instagram the above snap of a thank you letter.  These are the words I posted with it:

The fact of the matter for myself and my wedding photography career for this year is that I am photographing two weddings.  A choice made from direct result of personal circumstances + preferences.  This hand written thank-you received this weekend upon booking this very special couple, well, I'll just quote this penned treasure, "... How critical it is to use our gifts to bless and love those around us... It is our desire that your time with us this fall will be a time of rest and fun.  Let our friends and families love on you and bless you."

A gratuitous note like this... me and my business have never been on the receiving end of.  I've read it so many times and having it hang in my work space is of upmost honor.

It was so refreshing getting a hand-written letter in the mail, and it was such a wonderful reminder that  our written words and the time taken to pen such sentiments can have quite a large impact. 



7 links:
(because 3 seems like too little, 5 is too neat and 10 is too many)

1. YAY another tax day is over and nothing demonstrates my excitement more then this gif !!!

2. This Italian color play post.

3. Pulling off this outfit. Hmmm… I'd like to try...

4. This article on Hilary Clinton's advice for young women.
(and my favorite quote: Too many young women I think are harder on themselves than circumstances warrant. They are too often selling themselves short. They too often take criticism personally instead of seriously. You should take criticism seriously because you might learn something, but you can’t let it crush you. You have to be resilient enough to keep moving forward, whatever the personal setbacks and even insults that come your way might be. That takes a sense of humor about yourself and others. Believe me, this is hard-won advice I’m putting forth. It’s not like you wake up and understand this. It’s a process.”)

5. Explore the Amazon on this luxurious riverboat!  THOSE STATEROOM WINDOW WALLS!

6. A few chef's blogs have really encouraged me to cook, and this is one of them.  Which leads me to...

7. ... I'm curious about this lemon lavender pound cake... just how lavender'ish is it?!?

*above image from blue bottle in san francisco last may.  I was inspired by photographer alice gao's 'remains' series where she snaps photos of used tabletop's at restaurants. 



"Color is my daylong obsession, joy and torment."


Color theory has been a topic of much interest for me in the past couple of years.  In regards to my personal style, my artistic sense, and even how I've nested in my home, 'to color or not to color' has been of steady debate.  As it turns out this same topic has been of particular significance to a handful of other creatives, past and present.  A similar intrigue with coloration seems to have been a controversial subject for Claude Monet, and I must say, the above quote quite perfectly defines my own thoughts about the subject.

Nearly two years ago, by means of a bridal inspiration'ish photoshoot I did in Brooklyn with my dear friend and florist Pola, I can now see where my journey into what has now become an intriguing interest in botany has stemmed from.  Curiosity bloomed in the prospects of designing and creating with a mindset towards complimenting the rawness of botanicals in a modern impressionistic way.  Since that day almost two summers ago where I pulled ripe figs off Pola's fig tree one moment, and laid them on a table top setting flowing with nectarines and ranunculus the next, I've had the earthy scent and natural contours of those simple fruits continually held in the palm of my figurative hand.  Those little figs were a lesson in living in the beauty and delicacies of each season, and therefore those qualities became a strong foundation for my creative aesthetics.

With the blooming apple and pear trees of last spring throwing around their bright greens and waxy whites like those Brooklyn figs, I decided to further my 'fig lessons'.  Spring whispers such a sensuality and so I devised a photography and styling exercise based in a setting that fed off the almost demure aspects of seasonal minimalism.  I wanted to play in that natural, neutral palate that skips around for a few weeks between April and May.  You know, the one where the bulbs are finished flowering and all the vine plants are really starting to take off?  I was inspired to keep that simple and nostalgic aesthetic in design, making sure to hold true to nature's organic gestures without getting kitschy.  Kitschy is such a turnoff.

My lovely childhood friend Alyssa entertained my request in humanizing my chosen photoshoot settings, one of which actually being my small, childhood home orchard.  I wanted to use her simple, elegant qualities and I contrived the challenge of seeing if I could capture her emotion and grace without actually having her looking at me.  Body language and breathe can be such difficult expressions to capture, and capture well, but Alyssa's meekness was so beautiful to be in the presence of and it is as if my focus points were warmed with each of her exhales.  I will admit, I think the number one thing I learned from this exercise was to capture the frame I want in camera as best possible.  I am working on not cropping in post.

So, with all this being said, I'd like to share a few of my favorite images from my springtime photo and styling exercise.  Colors are clear and natural, post processing is minimal, and I found the settings to be interesting without intimidation.  I executed this personal project independently which was especially inspiring and I think added to my lessons learned in connecting to subject.

*Are you a photographer?  Have you ever photographed in color play?  Also, I am dying to know, do other photographers do personal projects without an entourage of fellow creatives/vendors? 



7 links:
(because 3 seems like too little, 5 is too neat and 10 is too many)

1. Our dream home.  Yes, I think I've most definitely found it.

2. Urban Lounging a Lesson From the Danes as featured by Kinfolk.  With spring finally here I want to lounge like this more often, both alone and with friends.

3. I have this strong drive to procreate right now.  Am I twitterpated? This article was a good read on the topic of birth rates falling world wide.

4. This post.  Almond orchard?  Where can I visit one?  Also, loving that guy's style.

5. Would love to have these and these sandals for summer.

6.  This Jimmy Fallon moment had me so happy I had tears in my eyes.  Try guessing which one it is before clicking! (were you right?!?)

7. Are you a runner?  I found this article most interesting and helpful about the mind and body working together to run long or challenging distances.

*above image that I shared on my instagram after receiving a postcard in yesterday's mail.



bon weekend.

I really love classical music, the old stuff and the new stuff, and I recently discovered that one of my closest girlfriends especially loves new age classical music too.

It's been enjoyable researching composers for some of the scores to my favorite movies, and as I click through 'recommendation' links on spotify and read through bio's, I've found that scene from The Holiday playing back in my head quite a few times now.  You know, the one of Jack Black in the Blockbuster store (aw, Blockbuster, RIP) with Kate Winslet and him doing his classic "doodle-y-do's" mimicking movie scores...

I put together a playlist of some of my favorite songs and composers and have had them on repeat all week.

Let me know what you think.  Do you have any recommendations I should add?

Oh, and bon weekend.

*above image from m+c's wedding



On New Years Eve, 2012 Nicholas and I sat at the bar at Ma'ono, our neighborhood whiskey and pacific islander food joint (although, it's really no 'joint', it's a very nice restaurant that offers gourmet hawaiian food.  Marination would be more of a pacific islander food joint type of place.)  Anyhow, we sat at the bar and discussed our goals.  I remember the whole scene very, very distinctively.  Or at least I remember the pork buns, the manhattans and crying a little bit...

One of the topics, amidst many, that arose was that of wanting to read more. We since got rid of the cable.  We now get The Seattle Times delivered to our doorstep and Nicholas sits and reads through it almost daily now.  I always like to see what the headlines are, though I will read an article or two every few days.  I subscribed to Vogue and New York Magazine.  I have a solid yet not overwhelming amount of favorite online reads bookmarked which include a few of my favorite photographers and other creatives including a couple writers, fine artists, fashion designers, etc.  I also started a twitter account which I've found to be fun and informative.  I even bought a few books after requesting some recommendations.  I have not read all but maybe three of those books, but at least I have them sitting on the shelf ready to be opened.

The afore mentioned conversation at Ma'ono also brought up the topic of us wanting me to work less if possible.  Oddly enough, our current circumstances now have me near to not actively working at all (and by actively working I mean next to zero bookings for wedding photography.  I have some editing projects to complete, and many ideas starting to form from inspiration to do projects non-nuptial related, but no copious amounts of large comissioned gigs on the docket.)  And it turns out that by 'work less' we really just meant shoot less weddings (blah blah blah I know, I've been talking about the topic of focusing and slowing down for forever right?)

So, here it is.  I am at this new juncture of now being a part time caretaker (ick, something about term 'caretaker',  I just don't like it) and wanting to be creative yet not necessarily by means of wedding photography (because I simply don't have the time for it.  Or at least 'it' as I knew 'it'.)   Anyhow, also at a juncture of finally feeling this I've-got-my-head-on-strait-and-loads-of-life-experience fullness and therefore wanting to change nearly everything I've been to accommodate new said attitude.  Then this thing called time comes flaunting itself all up in my face.  I have learned: it's not difficult to change when you have circumstances forcing it.  It is difficult to progress, seemingly, when you think your circumstances have more control then they actually do.

Turns out circumstances are indeed a factor in progression. However, they are not a gavel of decisiveness.  That is, unless we let them be.

Queue now.  Today is Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014.  Springtime in a new year.  I didn't honestly think my mother was going to live to see leaves come on the trees so I find myself celebrating each day that I see more and more green be born.  You should too.  And on the original topic of reading more (oh, was that what I started writing about?) and also in line with starting to slowly make some of the creative changes I think would be fun to have a go at, I am today beginning 'Seven Wednesday Links' which will be just that, seven links posted on Wednesday (mid week, you know, to help get over the hump...) to online finds that have been inspiring, interesting, intriguing, or whatever other i's you can think of.  I don't really know who actually reads this blog (ew, I really dislike bloggers that share their blogs in a manner of seeming assumption that readers come flocking at every new post) but if anything, I am going to use this a means to somewhat categorically gather my own inspired brain.  And NO, the following SWL's will NOT have a personal anecdote slash essay to preface it.

The point of this post, since maybe I should sum it up since it seems things got a little sloppy:
- You should eat at Ma'ono and Marination.
- Goals are good. So are changing circumstances.
- I am no longer a full time wedding photographer.  There, I said it.
- For the four or five of you that actually follow my blog and my work, a new feature called 'Seven Wednesday Links' is starting TODAY...

7 links:
(because 3 seems like too little, 5 is too neat and 10 is too many)

1. These underwater plant life prints from the amazing Jennifer Ament.

2. This film by Daniel Sax (oh! but you're listening to Ira Glass. so... yeah.)

3. Gretchen Jones' explores color theory.  Also, do you know what Tinglish is?  I didn't.

4. Going to see this exhibit with this local artist.

5. We finally watched Blue Jasmine last saturday. Have you seen it? I loved it.

6. Meet Sam of sam+steven.  Sam doodles and those doodles are pretty great.  I love the idea of the doodle calendar. 

7. I started a tumblr last week, Bill Cozbi.  It consists of some of my favorite personal images, some of which you may have already seen here or on my instagram AND it doesn't have any of my wedding photography which I've found to be my favorite part about it.  Also, some images are unedited and really nothing important at all, but cherishable nonetheless.  Do you have a tumblr?  

*above photo from our summer holiday in riga, latvia last summer.



Seems like everyone is in a rush to do things.  Rushing to move ahead. Rushing to hit their career high.  Rushing to start a new career. Rushing to travel to as many places as possible. Rushing to get to the next planned event. Rushing to get to the next season. Rushing to get to brunch. Rushing to get to dinner. Rushing to get to a movie. Rushing to get to the next big movie.

I know I'm not the only one to be making this discovery and I know I've mentioned it before, however, I am left quite frequently, especially right now, wondering why in the world there is such a glorification of busy and rushing and pushing and planning.  Why?

Personally, I believe that we all have the chance to live a life more then what we have currently in this world. Perhaps that is why my bewilderment is even more elevated.  Aside from my personal thoughts and for those that believe differently, don't you think even more so that rushing through life would be the absolute last thing you'd want to do?  *Realization* maybe people don't realize they're rushing…

* a few frames from latvia last summer.

With my personal life where it is, aka trying to be the best possible caregiver/stay positive and energized + fight the ridiculous cold I came down with in totality wednesday night, I made it my goal for february to complete a few personal projects included in which is processing some of my travel photos, especially the batch from our europe adventures last summer.  I am hoping to lessen my knit-pickyness and amount of 'processing' I put into my images in entirety, but especially my personal photos.  I've become my worst enemy, dangling expectations low above my head… remember when you were a child and in the height of getting in trouble you'd get a quick flick to the ear… it's like I'm flicking myself in the ear with my own idiotic expectations; nobody wants anything from my personal photos, why do they need to be quote unquote perfect? They don't.  Even if they are photos taken and not seen for years, or maybe ever, who cares?  I can still remember the moment and the memory without the photo.

I'm looking forward to taking a little time to go through my personal archives and develop at least some of the images from our last adventures so as to  share them with my mom and amongst nicholas and I.  After all, why rush to new adventures, when we've got amazing anecdotes to relive from the last?  One, of many, lessons I'm learning throughout all this, find continuous joy in the past and present, don't rush to the future, it'll be here in due time.



"I love you with so much of my heart that none is left to protest."
 William Shakespeare
 much ado about nothing

* b+s. an especially adored couple.



Isn't it funny how certain moments in our life... certain memories... they are just so freakishly vivid?  Some recollections come with such an ease and ability, yet others require finessing and still, sometimes the colors and smells and textures and sounds, well while they may come back in pieces, you're left yearning for more of the past then you're physically capable of putting together.

* two small scenes from h+n's wedding day



Nicholas and I spent last saturday evening with some of our dear friends at a music party.  Since it was indeed a music party, there came a time to lay a hush and just sit and sip and listen.  The front door opened and closed many a time and before we knew it, there was a small handful of remaining listeners.  You see, everyone had compiled their 'life mix-tape' and then chose what they felt to be their all-time favorite song to play amongst the rest of us.  Just the process of making our mix-tapes lead nicholas and I down this wild, wrenching ride; on december 24th we sat in front of the fire and just listened to music on our laptops, intermittently pausing to tell stories... or laugh... or cry.  So now here we were amidst some of our fellow most avid music listener of friends, all of us sharing this gigantic piece to our lives that many of us would have otherwise possibly never known; our true life story in a song.  Some chose to share the 'whys' and the 'hows' on their songs.  Others not.  And that was fine.  It was all so fine.  And it all had an overwhelming amount of value to me, especially right now. 

I have three songs that narrate my life rather perfectly.  One that is very nostalgic.  One that slapped my heart across it's face.  One that is exactly now.  The first is one that I heard as a child, as a teenager, and often now as an adult, and I love it every time.  This one, this song my father sang every lyric to me as we danced our father-daughter dance; the moment that he got to chose 'our' song this was the song he wanted to choose and, like him, it was perfect.  It is my number one.

The second song was the song my husband chose to dance to for 'our' song.  This song, as I said, slapped my heart across it's face.  Literally, I have the lyrics tattooed across my heart; "darling so it goes, some things are meant to be."  Some things, they are great, they are bad, and they are just meant to be. 

The third song, well it goes like this: 

drifting in and out 

you see the road you're on
It came rolling down the cheek
you say just what you mean
and in between
it's never as it seems

help me to name it, 

help me to name it

if you built yourself a myth

you'd know just what to give
what comes after this
momentary bliss
the consequence
of what you do to me

help me to name it,

help me to name it

found yourself in a new direction

arrows falling from the sun
canyons calling would they come to greet you
let you know you're not the only one

can't keep hanging onto what is dead and gone

if you built yourself a myth

you'd know just what to give
or let the ashes fly

help me to name it, help me to name it

This song, we played on vinyl and we slow danced to in our friends living room... for a few minutes with our friends, then just us.  And I held on to Nicholas for dear life and silently cried, as I had all evening, and kept asking, "help me to name it."  This song is now.


I never have been the photographer to do one of those 'my year in photos' blog posts.  Heck, I just tried to do an instagram 'year in photos' and couldn't do it.  I contemplated changing that this year, but alas, this was not the year for that to happen.  I did however take myself on a mental 'mix-tape' journey of my year in memories and when I was done, I have to be honest, I felt winded.  I felt inspired. I felt spent.  I felt proud.  I felt sad.  I felt joy.  I felt confusion.  I felt and I felt and I felt.  I've never in my life, unbenounced to what I previously thought, felt this much of anything, nor did I know I was even capable of experiencing such, let alone in a years time frame.  I can very much recall last december 31st, 2012 and what Nicholas and I were eating and drinking and talking about and crying about and making goals about.  It brings a smile to my spirit to see that within all that has been the past 365 days, here we are, we survived, and for the better at that.  who. knew.  any of it.  who. knew.  One entity certainly knew it all...

All that said, this moment of finding words to express what's in my heart and mind and soul as 2013 ends, it's troubling and difficult and a task quite possibly impossible to complete in entirety, or even semi entirety.  And I'm okay with that.  Because at least I can feel.  I am thankful for that.  I didn't feel for a long time, especially not properly.  And if it took all of 2013 and all of the time from 1986 to now to be able to feel like I can feel now, then that is just fine.  And I while I do have many of my own details and thoughts describing the past year: 

... wanderlust fulfilled, spiritual healing, reliance and faith, pain and suffering, friendships/relationships in migration, urgency and priority, value, nostalgia, family ...

... I do have a rather ridiculously amusing life mix-tape that really does just perfectly embody everything I need to be filled with to begin this next year.  It describes my senses and my reflections and my questions and my hopes so, so spot on.  And at a time when I'm yearning for peace and continuance and groping to recall as many lovely memories as I can, I can listen to these songs and get so much of all that.

So here is to a mix-tape.  My life mix-tape.  And here is to your mix-tapes, whatever they may be filled with, whenever you may chose to make them... 

*above images from this past july in paris at the palais royal.  outside in the courtyard was the most mesmerizing string orchestra. I stood entranced with tears in my eyes for as long as nicholas would let me. this is one of the most fond and precious musical memories I have.  Let alone was able to briefly document.



So... we snuck into the Paramount theatre and literally ran like kids in a candy store around the lobby stopping where we could to catch what little light there was {it was a crazy dark, rainy fall day in seattle!}   Really, it was quite the perfect setting considering alison+brent had a bit of a thematic theme to their wedding day.  I adored getting to shoot such a classically lovely couple in such an epic setting.  The only thing I wish I had done was shoot more film this day.  Oh, and maybe blogged it earlier... *cheesy teethy grin*

Here was just a few of my favorite shots that tell a bit of the story of a+b's day.