m + j

with m + j I learned I love. no. light.

challenged with shooting on the highline (again! it's just such a popular spot for photos!) I figured how better to have a fresh experience then to wait until it was dark. like totally dark. with no external lighting of my own.

sure, love happens in all that pretty golden hour bokeh, but it also happens covered in city gritty graininess, and I ate up the amount of nostalgia and easiness and romanticism that came of the last few images in the dark; how we can see just enough of what good, real chemistry looks like. nothing forced. nothing posed.

I am really looking forward to doing another session in low to little light.



I love the time I have with my couples on their day when they actually have time to rest and just be.

this is jen just sitting and being and having time to really enjoy her bouquet and I really adore the quiet, simple moment.



This past week I processed what are two of my all-time favorite images I've ever made. 

Actually, I am really quite certain that they are indeed my favorite. 

These were captured after erin+landon walked down the aisle after their ceremony and into the family house and on into a little side room where nobody else was. I took this by shooting into the reflection in the glass on a painting in the hall leading up to that little side room.

I adore how intimate they are.

I'm so pleased with how unforced and utterly organic they are. 

I am obsessed by how cocooned she is in her cathedral veil.

And their hands.

Oh, their hands.

I am just so very, very happy with these captured moments. 



7 links
(because 3 is too little, 5 is too neat and 10 is too many)

1. This might be perfect to try making once the leaves start falling.

2. Loving the inspiration to capture fresh, different angles of a bride gained via this image.

3. Got this cape in grey and went for a size bigger then normal for a boxy, oversized effect to keep warm and cozy in while away from home traveling this fall. What's your fave fall-time sweaters?

4. Need a virtual getaway to a magical far away place for the next 5 minutes? Here ya go...

5. Because we can never have too much Leslie Knope in our lives.

6. I'm such a sucker for bright white home spaces.

7. Meet my new gal pal and professional acquaintance Haley Blavka

* above iPhone snap from the uber adorable b&b my cousin athena and I stayed at in upstate new york a couple months ago.



there's something I love so, so, so much in not seeing faces.

oh yeah, and that goldie light heaven makes my heart go pitter patter as well.

bon weekend.

* above images of v+e in their nolita apartment. I'm coming for you babies!



7 links
(because 3 is too little, 5 is too neat and 10 is too many) 

1. What's a 'yuccie'?!? Well, it could be you, and it could be me... 

2. Took a gamble and ordered these inexpensive, stylish sunglasses. They came in and they're SO FUN!

3. Is your instagram real life or real fake?

4. "The wedding of Jeremy and Nikki will continue to tickle my fancy for eternity." 
- Dan O'Day on the latest wedding story he shared on his blog. TOO. GOOD.

5. I'm FINALLY flying JetBlue for the first time in a couple days, and I'm so excited to give them a try! Have you flown with them before?!?

6. Art conservator. What. a. job. Could you do it? Would you want to? I would! Look what you might uncover...

7. A beautiful quote/scripture.

* above iPhone snap of my own rose bush called 'JFK Junior'. Thought it appropriate since not only did if fully open up today, but I'll also be at the JFK airport in one short day!


another bite of salmon? or kiss the new wife?

kiss the new wife.

* image from m+j's laurel creek wedding a couple weeks ago. it was a doozy. in ALL the right ways.



This time last year, in the midst of undergoing the most difficult trial of my life, there was one thing, well okay, two things, that single handedly nearly saved my life:
1. Gathering for a meal with friends.
and 2. Gathering for a meal with friends, picnicking, near the water, in the warm sun.

When Nicholas and I were in New York for a month three years ago (I know, three years now!!!) we LOVED how everyone took advantage of every moment and every space that you could be outside, especially to have a glass of wine and a meal.

The same two years ago in Paris (image above) if you had a brain, and if it wasn't pouring down rain, it was pretty much a 99% guarantee that when the day was winding around to dinner time, you'd be near a river with a friend or friends and not at all sober.

So, last spring, the shockingly lovely Seattle spring that it was, we spent AS MUCH time outdoors as we could, drinking ALL of the rose and eating ALL of the brie, either in our backyard garden or down by the beach, and this spring and summer will be no different.

As I started this day today in an oddly and surprisingly rough manner (check my Facebook for deets) the best way to remedy the situation was to go outside and sit in the sun. Although I needed to be alone, how utterly ironic that a dear friend dropped at my doorstep a little breakfast meal to me, even if to enjoy solo (well, besides my little Pablo pup and Phosphorescent blaring.) As I thought about it, it was still a gathering of sorts, really.  Something about sharing sustenance that is so, so connective, don't you agree?

You can bet your bottom dollar I now have ALL the thankfulness to have learned this art of gathering; gathering with old friends, gathering with new friends, gathering with family, gathering with strangers along Le Seine... just opening yourself up to what can become the most glorious of habits: connecting, deeply connecting, over a meal and surroundings. How divine that we have this necessity to routinely, physically nourish ourselves.

I am hoping for moments to gather together this weekend between all our kitchen renovation work.  In hopes to keep my head up during this garish renovation process, I've done a bit of online shopping for items I think will really add to this new space to gather, here's what I found...

> I don't know about you, but when was the last time you had a presentable pot holder? You know, one not covered in stains and other miscellaneous caked on items... That's what I thought and that's why I threw my old one out and am thinking this could be a great replacement.

Perfect and will last a lifetime.

> Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Jo shared a great article on hostess gifts, and I LOVED the idea of having this available to do in the new indoor/outdoor kitchen and lounge space! Maybe having a couple would be a good idea!

> I know I can't have all everything everywhere copper in my house, but I think one or two of these could be darling in the kitchen, plus they'd mesh into any other room really well too!

Simple spoon rest? Yes, please!

> Found this dinnerware collection and am really hoping to make these the new go-to pieces. I'm thinking of starting with just a set of four to add into our other dinnerware. Thoughts?

> Can never have too many.

> I had a very large vintage table that I got for free as someone else's throw-away last spring/summer and it made such a fun addition to the outdoor space. However, despite attempts to weather-proof it, it recently was laid to rest in the recycle bin. Thinking of getting this set  OR looking for another vintage table at Goodwill for $20, along with some random $7 chairs. The latter is sounding more unique and fun!

Happy gathering, one and all, kiddos. Enjoy your weekends.



"Hold on when you get love, and let go when you give it." STARS

ps. go listen to that song, it is friday after all.

pss. first frame light test shot with erin + landon who's love I'm holding hard on to.



7 links
(because 3 is too little, 5 is too neat and 10 is too many)

1. Have you seen the Vietnamese caves in this video?

2. More information on those amazing caves, in case you're intrigued like I was after watching that!

3. Can you pass this quiz on common literary devices? (I scored 100% shockingly enough!)

4. A friend of mine started this beautiful cooking website, Savory Time. I want to try the roasted mushrooms and kale salad stat!

5. ... and because I've been wanting to try braised beef ribs lately (which I think would go great with the afore mentioned salad!)

6. On celebrity sightings in NYC. 

7. Loved these kitchen storage upgrades.

*above snap of one of my fave pages in Cherry Bombe issue no. 4. How great is that quote from Miranda Lambert, "If you've got a little muffin top, that doesn't define you." 



The fact that I am finally blogging vanessa+evan is frankly, so, so, SO exciting to me.

And maybe you too???

I adore vanessa+evan.

Because of these two humans and the fact that they hired me to photograph their new york wedding, yes, I said, "new york wedding" because they previously ALSO had a france wedding...  uh huh, yeah... no, okay, the fact that they hired me to photograph their new york wedding allowed me, nicholas and my mom and dad to all come to new york together.

And you see, my mom had literally DAYS before their wedding been diagnosed with cancer,
so for nicholas and I to get to bring them with us to new york and to all our favorite places BEFORE she got really sick,
well, that's honestly all I can say. I'll just start bawling thinking about it.

I don't know if it was the emotions. I don't know if it was my heart just out there WIDE OPEN. I don't know if it was the fact that Vanessa said, "Absolutely natural light only even if it's dark I want the ambiance!" I don't even know... but the teensy tiny thing I do know is this:
this wedding changed. me.

Maybe it was the whole having my heart about to be ripped out of me during the next year, something about this wedding made me SEE DIFFERENTLY.

Something about this wedding made me prepare more. Made me connect more beforehand with my client, with my couple. Made me want to capture/tell the story with a fullness that previously I don't think I was doing...
Something about this wedding made me hold on so, so, so tight to life and love.

So, without further adieu, here are all my favorite images from the day. 

And also, GINORMOUS thank you to BRIDES for also loving
this wedding enough to share it with the crazy thing that IS wedding world.
There was details GALORE which you can get specifics on by visiting the BRIDES link.

- yes, they got ready together at. the. plaza. hotel.
- yes, that is their adorable frenchie stella.
- yes, they are the reigning champions of working out. ever.
- yes, i had the best 'vendor meal' of my wedding career life thanks to ici;
braised short ribs in risotto and roasted veggies.
that's all.

this little old man, let me tell you about him, it goes like this:
he saw vanessa and gasps and takes her hand and proceeds to tell her how 
precious marriage is and how he adored his late wife and how beautiful vanessa was
and how much she reminded him of his wife...
then we all cried. clearly.
these candles doubled as the seating arrangement display!
they danced to 'hometown glory' by adele and it was singlehandedly the best first dance i've seen.
woa to the power of choosing the right first dance song.
holy. smokes.
 congrats beth+alex! they got engaged a few months ago!
and then, sometimes, when I'm all done 'technically working',
i have a glass of champagne and/or whiskey, and party with the best of them.
and the photos at that point are just for fun, yet sometimes, my favorites...

thanks again BRIDES!