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(because 3 is too little, 5 is too neat and 10 is too many)

1. This year's James Beard Foundation's semi-finalists were recently announced, take a look!

2. Along the foodie lines, I wish beyond wishes I could do this!

3. Finally bought a copy of this at the Seattle Flower and Garden show last weekend.

4. Still needing to see Rodrigo Valenzuela's latest exhibition.

5. Current covet.

6. Yep.

7. Clever cabinetry in the kitchen is what we too will be doing!

*image from our last trip to paris. this was outside the bookstore, shakespere & co.



I have been playing around for awhile, debating on whether or not to officially add a floral & design portion to the CJP brand. Would call it something like, CJP&CO, or something like that at least.

In efforts to make an educated decision, I had/have a handful of clients letting me, for lack of a less terrifying term, experiment on them.  So far, there's been no Frankenstein results, other then mass amounts of learning what to adjust after the completion of each assignment. In other words, it's going rather well.

I also started recognizing that some of my practice bouquet work wasn't photographing how I'd like, which also helped me realize that it was the life and feel of the actual arrangement that I didn't like, which in turn made me not like how it was translating into photograph.  Now I have a whole new appreciation for beautiful bouquets and their photographs.

Anyhow, is anyone else that happens to read this blog a hobby or beginner florist… ?

tap, tap… is this thing on???

*above image of an arrangement I did with focus on those beauts of trailing jasmine vines. to say I love trailing jasmine would be a massive understatement. I first made a bouquet of the vine work which required tons of editing to the actual stems. then I saw where they were wanting to go and tried to follow suit with shape. shaping bouquets is HARD.



7 links
(because 3 is too little, 5 is too neat and 10 is too many)

1. I thought it'd be fun to have all of this week's links (even #7's kitchen dedication) reference the same topic, and I chose the hot topic of Instagram.

2. On buying and selling art on Instagram.

3. The 3:05 time-mark of this episode of the web series 'Pardon my French' is my favorite; loved Scott Schuman's thoughts, "...that's why Instagram is so great, because it's a different kind of photograph, it's a very in-the-moment photograph."

5. "When did we become a population more worried about what happens online than in real life?!" 

6. After talking to some of the Instagram community who have world-famous personal/professional all-in-one accounts, I was happy to hear not even they do this (paragraph three nearly had me barfing in my mouth a little.)

7. Might be fun to rotate favorite Instagram foodie photo prints in the new kitchen, and I just learned that Walgreens now does one-hour square prints AND from your Instagram!

*image from my own Instagram today of the Hellebore plants I've been coveting at the market for weeks.



details caught organically.
I am working on this.

bon weekend.

*image from c+c's sonoma wedding.



7 links
(because 3 is too little, 5 is too neat and 10 is too many)

1. This article and this quote *almost* makes me want more then one child: "All three of our kids share this tiny bedroom… Sometimes I'll hear Ivy singing to Rosie or telling her a story. She makes up songs with melodramatic lyrics about big sisters and little sisters." Darling, right?

2. Just finished my first two week's worth of poems with poem-a-day, and am really enjoying the daily inbox treasures.

3. I laughed so hard at this.

4. Writing your way to happiness.

5. Isn't she lovely?

6. Tried this new restaurant last Friday. I would write home about the organic 'scrambled' egg with white sturgeon caviar. I also am highly interested in their brunch.

7. Is this a kitchen or an art gallery? Either way, I'll take it.

*iphone snap of the glory that IS the corson building (went on a walk through last friday for a very special anniversary party being planned for my in-laws!)



Another oldie and goodie, this is kristin+brad.
I'd love to share my favorite frames...

- as you'll see, it went from a sunny day,
to a pouring down stormy afternoon and all riggghhht abouuut attt ceremony time… 
(thank heavens for bella umbrella!)
- I got a kick out of having two previous wedding couples I'd photographed at this wedding,
and as it turns out, there was another future bride there too,
of whom's wedding kristin+brad and I would get to attend together, 
and in sweden no less! that's pretty special right there.
- I still love looking at all those bows down the back of kristin's dress. how cute are they?
- major, major thanks to my assistant on this day, miranda smith *muah*