Safety tips when using log splitters

How to use log splitters most securely is still a question of many users. In today’s article, I would like to share with you some useful tips on using a log splitter safely.

Here are some tips that you should follow while using the log splitter to prevent any injuries to your fingers, like crushing them or cutting themselves.

  • Know the type of wood: Be careful when putting records in the log splitter because every kind of log will work differently when it is split into different types of log splitters. You place the wood by holding it on the sides and not keeping it at the end. Remember that wood has cracks, so you don’t divide evenly or break into large chunks.
  • Be wary of using log splitters: Like any machine that uses a cutting edge, you must always be alert. If you feel that the person is not alert and tired then absolutely should not use the log splitter right now, stop immediately. In particular, you should never lay your hand on the log while it is being separated to prevent any mishap.
  • Coordinate with assistants or helpers: You must synchronize with your team or assistants when operating the machine to prevent any unforeseen accidents that may occur when you use the log splitter.
  • Maintain distance: Make sure you only turn on the device when the support person is at least 10 feet away from the machine. Also, maintaining a safe distance is always recommended in the user manual to protect your safety and those around you.
  • Preventing back pain: Working with log splitter has several issues that affect your back. Continuous lifting and placing such records will lead to back pain. Therefore, take enough rest to relax after a while at work and perform the necessary movements to reduce stress for yourself. The best way is that you choose a space and location where you can adjust the height so you can set the log splitter to conduct you comfortably without stress.
  • Wear suitable clothing: It is also essential that you wear the right clothes and protective gear while working with log splitters. Wear goggles and gloves to prevent splinters from getting into your eyes and poking your hands. Also, you need to wear non-slip shoes, preferably covered shoes or specialized shoes for the work with potential dangers.
  • Avoid poisoning: You are likely to be poisoned by hydraulic fluids released from a hydraulic log splitter due to the high pressure developed inside it during use. This liquid is very toxic and can cause blood poisoning, gangrene, and even death. Therefore, you should pay special attention to avoid direct contact with that liquid.
  • Follow the instructions in the user manual: Do not ignore the safety instructions in the manual that came with the log splitter before assembling and operating it. All safety regulations will be outlined there. The instructions in the user guide will also guide you to use the log splitter correctly and solve any problems that may arise. This will ensure that your device has no issues and any warranty issues with your device.
  • Know all the Controls: Before you start using the log splitter, you must be fully aware and know all the controls and switches on the machine. And the most important thing is that you need to know how to stop and hang up.
  • No children: Do not allow children to approach the device. The log splitter is not a toy. Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to use these log splitters.
  • Maintain distance: You must ask to keep your children and pets at least 20 feet from log splitters.
  • Place the device on flat ground: Place the machine on a horizontal surface and lock the device, so it does not move. You do not place the log splitter on any uneven, slippery surfaces. These surfaces will make the machine unstable, and this will affect the quality of the splitting and may even cause injury to the operator.
  • Right lighting conditions: You should only use the log splitter in the right lighting conditions such as daylight or under bright artificial lighting. You do not operate the machine at night or in poorly lit areas to prevent accidental mishaps.
  • Do not use the appliance for any purpose other than splitting wood.
  • Never let the log splitter run without supervision.
  • Remove log splitter once you are finished to prevent any trips and unexpected falls.
  • Your safety is your responsibility; do not ignore it.

The design enabled second hand

When we talk about safety issues, it’s only natural that we talk about Split Second’s two-hand activation design, making sure that both of your hands are far away from the stand, gears, and the log.

Typically, woodcutter holds one hand on the log and the other on the splitter to direct the log splitter to cut and also to prevent any unwanted debris from reaching them.

The Second Split is precisely designed to avoid this habit. The wedge in a snap is placed at an angle of 45 degrees to ensure the wood is not separated and tilted to one side. This also prevents any wrong pieces coming your way. Therefore, users do not need to hold hands on the wood to avoid pinches, cuts, and other unnecessary accidents.

In conclusion

Set the log splitters you need to use before choosing to buy them. Then decide on which log splitter is best rated for your needs, budget, and other criteria. In particular, consider the pros and cons of all the models and types of log splitters to use before making a decision. And keep in mind the things about safety when using the log splitter, I just shared for you above. They will help you a lot in the process of operating and using the best log splitter you have.


Un jour trois is among us today and I thought I would share the photos I took yesterday of our little home! Yes it is about the size of 1/2 of a shoebox. Not new to us sharing such a small space; city living we have indeed done before although much, much cheaper! Still, our little apartment is adorable and our landlord is so great too which is very nice. The building is quite secure. It’s certainly not the prettiest but if it means paying less money then I’m just fine with our little less then beautiful building. Most important is it is safe and clean.

I of course packed some framed photos from home to put in the apartment because surprise! I’m totally sentimental; shocking isn’t it. *smile* I also got an assortment of my favorite Voluspa candles and have scattered them throughout the space to look and smell pretty. The light in here is refreshingly nice and I just love it! I did get a few vessels yesterday and picked up some flowers to help the space look a little more friendly and welcoming. NYC has peonies and although pricey and not nearly the best of quality, I got some from a corner market and am enjoying them every second that I can!

The apartment is very close to our style in many ways. I did go through and do just a bit of redesign; I don’t need to look at someone else’s ugly photos when I brought I my own 🙂 The bed is super duper comfy! It’s nice and warm and the windows let in a great little breeze. The bathroom and kitchen are also quite decent as is the storage and closet space. Our downstairs neighbors are apparently older and ill and we do know right away if we are making too much noise; hey it’s kind of annoying to get in trouble for accidentally dropping something, but as our stay continues they have gotten better with not romping on their ceiling with their broom warning us that we’re too loud just as we’ve learned to take our shoes off at the door and not stomp around like elephants after 8 {only one of us is a natural stomper and at all times of the day; he and his sister both man they have lead feet!}. *smile*

Well our Friday has been nice! We went and worked at our coffee place, came home for an afternoon snack and to finish work and it is indeed 5:30pm here and we are off to play tourist in our jeans and t-shirts and sunnies and parade around central park and time square. Yes I said ‘sunnies’; it is about 73 today and very very lovely…

Wedding day tomorrow!



Un jour deux started with us again battling the difficulty of the time change. I also was not feeling the best and did not sleep well due to the ‘activity’ of our neighbors… yes, lets just say that we both share sleeping spots against the same wall. However, they may or may not have been sleeping last evening… Anyhow, day two was starting just a bit rough. I also partially credit my undue feeling to the fact that I was excited and perhaps too a bit nervous as we were heading over to Brooklyn to meet up with one of my wedding couples, Sam and Steven, whom I had currently only spoke with long distance as we were connected via a wedding blog. With the aide of my trusty assistant we successfully made our way, by 1.5 mile walk no less, to the subway and to Prospect Park where we immediately purchased much needed coffee. And yes our first subway experience was a success and we were even asked directions by more then one lost soul; guess we look like we belong. A sign that we shouldn’t leave??? …

Well Sam and Steven are total dolls. Good grief are we going to have a blast Saturday at their wedding! We strolled around the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens scouting and reviewing plans and the timeline and all the other wedding day goodies that come with a pre-wedding consult. We are all so excited to have connected and be getting to collaborate!

Nicholas and I stayed at the gardens to just enjoy the grounds a bit more. I rallied even while sporting a pretty nasty headache and a very tired body and after lunch and a few cups of coffee, I was a whole new woman. Right before leaving we came across the above heavenly Chinese snowball tree that was littered with the most angelic clouds of blooms. I swear the tree to spoke to me. For those of you that know me, you know that I am an avid gardner {thank you Mom}. I seriously love flowers and horticulture and my house always has fresh flowers in it… So really I am telling you when I saw this tree I made a b-line across the lawn leaving Nicholas on the path as I darted towards the thing. He caught up and instantly put out his hands knowing that he was going to be handed my camera.

I saw an image via Vogue Italia on Pinterest a while back and it was a photo inspired by the saying ‘Rose colored glasses’ and the model actually had glasses with roses attached to the lenses. I. died. I loved the idea and concept so much. Especially since my own trip to Paris is what I majorly credit my own growth as an artist as of late too, I knew I wanted to create my own take on it. Therefore the image above with the flower in front of one eye is kind of my idea on that original inspiring photo. I did a similar image with some girlfriends twice now in the past few months and will have to share them as well. The one above though is I think my favorite. I could of course expound on my image and my inspiration and the original photo for another three posts so alas, I’ll zip it up for now.

Anyhow, day two turned out nice for us. We took the subway home and got off in Union Square and walked home. We love the village so far. We really love all of 9th street as you pass through much of NYU and therefore their is an abundance of eager youth and antique stores and restaurants and bars and book stores. I got a rad set of vintage shot glasses which of course we then went to the liquor store to buy some Bulleit whiskey to put in the rad set of vintage shot glasses. I also, after our trip to the gardens, got some gorgeous vintage glassware and stopped off {or rather went on a very intense hunt} for peonies and lilacs both of which it’s too early to get at home. We got home, I arranged the flowers, took photos of the apt for the next blog post, then we were off for drinks and a very German dinner; there is one of Manhattan’s best German restaurants about 70 feet from our front door. Appropriate no? We thought so. *smile*


Day one or ‘un jour une’ is among Nicholas and I here in New York! Yesterday was our travel day which for me started, or rather rolled right off of Monday as I pulled a full all-nighter prepping work, transferring files, doing laundry, packing and lord knows everything else. Yes of course I totally got my nails done {lovely shellac that is the color of unbleached clay; a very cool grey! right up my alley!} and I totally shot a wedding Monday as well. Indeed a wild past few days but nothing that I couldn’t summit!

Anyhow yesterday’s travel day, although desperately wanting to be sickeningly awful very quickly, was rather pleasant! I would not let be anything other! And neither would Nicholas! We arrived around 6am at the airport and immediately had a luggage debacle as our items to be checked were shockingly overweight. Ironic I thought since we both have lost a considerable amount of weight and radically adjusted our lifestyles {Nicholas as reached a loss of around 25 and myself 12 added we are eating uber healthy and working out like we’ll be competing in the Iron Man; okay maybe not that good of working out but still a 99% workout improvement from our previous selves.} Anyhow, ironic I thought that we again and so quickly were having a ‘weight’ problem, although one that could be remedied within just a few minutes. Losing 25 lbs being a fix that typically requires much more time, was changed in a mere 5 or so minutes.

After the luggage issue I inquired about the other major problem with our second leg of flight that being that we didn’t have seats together. Initially the only thing available was two seats in front of each other in the back last two rows of the plane. Gross. Depressing and gross. Even worse for someone who for some reason is a real terrible flyer as of late. No I was not at all going to settle for those terrible seats! Well, this problem too was remedied very quickly. We were able to change to the emergency row which for us ended up being row 9 {woohoo nearer to the front!}. That leg from LAX to JFK was the best flight I’ve had a very, very long time. Turns out I do wonders in the emergency row. I suppose the comfort of knowing I’ll be the first off in the actual case of an emergency is great for my spastically fearful flying psyche. And as my groom last weekend who is also a pilot advised me, it is also the most balanced area of the airplane therefore receiving the least amount of turbulence. Truly, everything about my usual flying demeanor was totally bipolar yesterday and I was one fabulous jet setter! Hardly no nerves; I even threw my hands up and just enjoyed the steep take off that LAX requires. And no, I was not under the influence! Nope totally sober! Well, that may have changed just a bit…

With about 2 hours left on our second leg I got up to use the restroom and the flight attendant who was also on our first flight, he asked how I was doing. Filling him in on how I was expecting my stupid fear of flying to once again debilitate me and how just the opposite was happening, I ended by facetiously joking about how usually alcohol is my best friend for calming my fear. So excited to hear that I had at least temporarily conquered my flying problem, he then said, “Well then we of have no choice but to celebrate this successful flying adventure!” Two complimentary double whiskey gingers later it was clear to Nicholas just why I love Virgin America so much! *smile*

JFK was a breeze, caught up with our driver, drove mesmerizingly over the Brooklyn Bridge with the ease of how we would ever so casually drive across the West Seattle Bridge back home; however we were like little kids gawking out each sides of our back seat with eyes of the size of saucers and our iPhone cameras snap, snap, snapping away. Made it to our apartment early and our driver graciously obliged to our nervous hesitancy on simply waiting, luggage in hand, for our landlord to arrive at the agreed upon time almost an hour later. All was well though. We got in the apartment and unpacked and ordered from the local organic Thai place from which we received some delicious, fresh, very well portioned servings of pad thai and veggies and pork buns all of which was a mere total of $26 which we thought/were amazed at!

Now, let’s be honest, the time change killed us today. That and for me my crazy lack of sleep. Therefore today we slept till around 12/1pm. Then made our way to what is now our home away from home, Ninth Street Expresso where we have been working all day {I’m hoping to bust out all my latest work and get caught up!}. A rather funny occurrence happened and I suppose you could say we have had our first ‘celebrity sighting’… ah a story for another post…

It’s my anticipation that I post everyday while here. Dear friends and family and for that matter anyone else, please, please feel free to comment below {Mom: all you have to do is make an account with google similar to how you have your Juno account and then you can comment!} I’d love to hear any of your NYC stories or recommendations on where to go or do or see… And please again bear with my wordy writing… I know it’s not perfect but neither is how I talk in real life so there. *smile*

*above images via my iPhone and my way of capturing the perfect essence of today, un jour une.

**yes I die over the pretty light in there!